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Gadsden State Community College


Withdrawal from a Class

Students receiving financial aid who withdraw from class or stop attending class could have their financial aid decreased. Students who never attend class are not eligible for federal financial aid.

From the end of the drop/add period until the withdrawal deadline, which is published in the College calendar, students may withdraw from all but one class online. To withdraw from the last remaining class, students must go to the Admissions and Records Office on any campus to complete the withdrawal form. Withdrawn grades (“W”) will be assigned for classes in which students officially withdraw during that time. This process will help to ensure that students are made aware that if they withdraw from all classes before 60% of the semester is over, they may owe money back to the college. The 60% dates are published in the college catalog. Should students fail to complete the withdrawal process, failing grades (“F”) will be assigned. 

  • Financial aid awards will be based on enrollment and class attendance, as reported by instructors. 
  • The amount of financial aid for which students are eligible is determined based upon enrollment and attendance as of the 10th day of the full semester.
  • If students add classes after the 10th day, the financial aid award amounts are not guaranteed to increase.
  • If students withdraw prior to the 10th day, or add one or more classes after the 10th day, those classes may not be included when determining the amount of financial aid for which students are eligible. 
  • If students withdraw prior to the 10th day, financial aid may be decreased.

If financial aid awards are decreased, students may have to repay the College and/or the Department of Education all or part of their financial awards. Nonpayment of balances will prevent students from enrolling at Gadsden State or any other institution.  In addition, students may be referred to a collection agency.  For more information on the impact of withdrawals in respect to financial aid eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

NOTE: Athletes and Health Sciences students must have department approval prior to withdrawing from any class.

Withdrawal from the College

The student may withdraw completely from GSCC at any time through the last day to withdraw, specified in the College calendar. Forms can be obtained on any campus from the Admissions/Records Office. Once the complete withdrawal has been processed, the student will not be allowed to register again during the term of withdrawal. Should a student abandon any classes without officially withdrawing from the classes or from the College, the grade of "F" will be assigned.

A Return of Title IV calculation will be required for students receiving or eligible to receive financial aid.  Refer to the section "Treatment of Financial Aid for Complete Withdrawal" for more information.

Administrative Withdrawal or Drop from a Course or the College

The College may drop or withdraw students from any course for the following reasons:

  • Failure to complete registration properly
  • Failure to fulfill conditions of registration if allowed to register on a conditional basis
  • Failure to pay applicable fees
  • Disciplinary action
  • Misrepresentation of required information
  • Failure to attend class

Repetition of Courses

A student may repeat any course for which he/she was previously registered. For graduation purposes, if the student repeats a course, only the last grade for this course will be included in the calculation of the student's grade point average (GPA). A course may be used only once to satisfy the credit-hour requirements for graduation. NOTICE: This repetition will not remove the first course from the student's transcript.

Course Work Expiration Policy

Most general education courses do not have an expiration date; examples of those courses at Gadsden State would include written and oral communication, humanities, social science, fine arts, most business courses, and government and public policy courses.

Specific course work for programs leading to certificates or degrees in technical or health science programs must be aligned with course content and standards. Some older courses are not aligned with current standards and may not be appropriate to count in a student's program. Students who completed certain technical or science courses more than five years preceding completion of the program may be required to repeat the course or demonstrate proficiency related to current course content.

Decisions about older courses proposed to satisfy certificate or degree requirements will be made on a case-by-case basis by the division chair. A student may appeal the decision to the appropriate Academic Dean. The Dean's decision is final.

When there are changes in certification requirements, students seeking certification may be required to modify their programs of study to meet the new requirements.

Academic Bankruptcy

The Academic Bankruptcy Policy may be implemented prior to graduation for a student whose previous academic performance has resulted in probation or suspension. A student may request in writing to the Registrar to declare academic bankruptcy under the following conditions:

  • If fewer than three (3) calendar years have elapsed since the term for which the student wishes to declare academic bankruptcy, and if the student has satisfactorily completed at least eighteen (18) semester hours of coursework at GSCC the bankruptcy term, the student may request that academic bankruptcy be granted for that one term;
  • If three (3) or more calendar years have elapsed since the most recent term for which the student wishes to declare academic bankruptcy, and if the student has satisfactorily completed at least eighteen (18) semester hours of coursework at Gadsden State since the most recent bankruptcy term, the student may request that academic bankruptcy be granted for as many as three terms.

All coursework taken the term(s) for which academic bankruptcy is declared will be disregarded in the cumulative grade point average.

Once academic bankruptcy has been granted, the term "Academic Bankruptcy" will be reflected on the transcript for each semester/term affected. Declaration of academic bankruptcy will not remove courses from a student record. Terms marked "Academic Bankruptcy" will be ignored only in the computation of the Gadsden State GPA. A student may declare academic bankruptcy only once. Bankruptcy at this institution does not guarantee that other institutions will approve such action. This determination will be made by the respective transfer institutions. For more information, students may contact the Registrar, Records Office, One Stop Center, P.O. Box 227, Gadsden, AL 35902-0227; 256.439.6911, or email

Repeat Course Forgiveness

A student may request in writing to the Registrar to declare repeat course forgiveness under the following conditions:

  • When a student repeats a course once, the second grade awarded (excluding a grade of W) replaces the original grade in the computation of the cumulative grade point average. The grade point average during the term in which the course was first attempted will not be affected. 
  • When a student repeats a course more than once, all grades for the course, excluding the first grade, will be used to compute the cumulative grade point average.  Official records (transcripts) at GSCC will list each course with the grade earned.
  • A course may be counted only once toward fulfillment of credit hours for graduation.  This Course Forgiveness Policy applies to courses taken at GSCC only; respective transfer institutions may or may not accept the adjusted cumulative GPA.  That determination will be made by the respective transfer institution.

***Course Forgiveness may impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for financial aid eligibility and your continued eligibility. Students should contact their program advisors prior to requesting Course Forgiveness as it could negatively impact program admission or successful transfer to other college/university programs.***