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Gadsden State Community College


College Credit by Exam

The College may grant - but is not required to do so - up to twenty (20) semester hours of Applied Credit to a student in a technical program for prior study-related work and/or educational experiences.

Students may be eligible for credit for academic or technical knowledge gained outside the classroom. To earn credit through examination, students must currently be enrolled at Gadsden State Community College. The amount of credit earned through examination is limited to 20 semester hours toward the associate degree and must be earned at Gadsden State Community College. However, students transferring to another institution should be aware that some schools may have different standards for awarding credit based on examination. Students should talk to an advisor about the transfer of this credit.

Experiential learning credit and/or college credit is not awarded on the basis of experience alone, but for the achievement of an advanced level of knowledge and/or skill.  In order for credit to be awarded, each objective for the course must be examined.  It must be documented how each of the competencies were achieved.

A student may be able to earn college credit through an examination.  If he/she achieves the required score, the student may receive credit through either the Advanced Placement Program Examinations (AP) or through the College Level Examination Program General Examinations (CLEP) under the following conditions:

  • No more than twenty (20) semester hours may be earned through the Credit by Exam (EXP) program;
  • Credit via the CLEP general examination may not be earned for any course that has been previously attempted for credit;
  • The CLEP general examination for credit may not be taken more than once in the same subject;
  • Credit may not be received for CLEP subject area examinations; and
  • In order to receive any type of credit by examination, the student must be enrolled at GSCC.

The ACT Assessment is also administered at the College on certain national testing dates.  A complete schedule for such tests administered at GSCC is available from the Testing Center.

For placement testing, ACT, CLEP, Work Keys, graduation, or exit exams, visit the Testing Center, or telephone (256) 549-8497 in Gadsden, or (256) 832-1207 at the Ayers Campus.