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Continuing Education

Camp Cardinal 2016 (Gadsden Campus) -

A summer of wholesome, fun filled learning led by certified school teachers.

“Sizzling with Science and Technology”

  • Week 1 PLANTS habitats, needs, types, survival traits, etc.
  • Week 2 Animals habitats, fossils, characteristics, needs, cells, survival traits
  • Week 3 Solar System planets, light, energy from the sun, etc.
  • Week 4 Sound/Magnets vibration, properties, etc. 4th-5th could do electricity here too
  • Week 5 Weather/ Seasons tools to measure, resources, types
  • Week 6 Conservation Reduce, reuse, recycle renew
  • Week 7 Earth geological features, weathering, erosion, layers, land forms
  • Week 8 Force and Motion robotics[for older students] friction, newton's laws, effects of speed, direction, position, simple machines, gravity
  • Ayers Campus

    Gadsden Campus

    TO CONTACT CONTINUING EDUCATION PLEASE CALL: (256)549–8305 OR (256)549–8462.
    We can also be reached at or

    The Continuing Education Department is committed to linking College and community resources to provide quality enrichment programs to people of all ages. The Center offers a variety of fee-based workshops, classes, community-service activities, and continuing-education courses designed for those who want to learn but who are not necessarily interested in earning academic credit or pursuing a college degree. Classes are designed for people in search of life enrichment and those striving for personal and professional growth. Programs are provided for traditional and non-traditional students and can be targeted to individuals in business, government, professional organizations, and social services.

    Continuing Education at Gadsden State means something for everyone! It consists of two major divisions. The first is Professional Development which includes courses such as: Nursing Seminars, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, CPR, Spanish for Health Care Workers, and Computer Workshops – to name a few.The Community Education division includes a large variety of classes aimed at personal development, interest, and leisure courses. Program sare provided for youth, adults, and seniors in a variety of formats such as seminars, workshops, and short courses.Satellite conferences and special events are also presented. The Department’s mission is to serve the diverse and changing needs of the community by offering a broad range of courses responsive to individual, business, and community needs. Courses appear online and in the schedule of traditional GSCC classes each semester. for information, call us at (256) 549 – 8305, (256) 549 – 8462 or visit us at: Brown Hall
    1001 East Broad Street
    East Broad Campus of Gadsden State