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Grade Reports & Exams


Grading System – The letters below are generally used to indicate grades and enrollment status, although certain programs may use a different scale for the numerical values of grades.


A..........(excellent) 90-100   
B..........(good) 80-89   U....Unsatisfactory
C..........(average) 70-79  W...Withdrawn
D.........(poor) 60-69 AU..Audit
F.........(failure) 0-59     I......Incomplete


Satisfactory grades are "A","B", and "C".  Some senior colleges and universities may not grant credit for a course in which a  "D" has been awarded.

Grades of "A.", "B.", "C.", and "U" are awarded in developmental courses (courses numbered below 100) and do not factor into a student’s grade point average (GPA).  If you receive a “U” in the same course twice,  you may not enroll in that course again without special academic advisement from the division chair who supervises the area in which the course is taught.  If you receive a "U" three times for the same course, you must consult with the Dean of Instructional Services before enrolling in the course again.

None of the developmental course grades factor in the student’s GPA (grade-point average).  

The "W" (Withdrawn) is assigned when the student officially withdraws from class(es) by the end of the last class day of the term in which he/she is enrolled for the class(es).

The "AU"  (AUdit) is used to indicate that the student is enrolled in a course for which credit will not be granted.  “Audit” students should attend class regularly but are not required to take exams, participate in class discussion, or undertake assignments.  A student may change to “audit” status in any course if the change is made before the last day to register.

The "I" (Incomplete) is assigned when a student has been meeting the attendance policy requirements and is passing the class but is prevented by illness or other justifiable cause from completing the required work or from taking the final exam.  In order to receive an "I", the student must request that the instructor assign the "I" by the end of the scheduled final examination period for the class which the student is unable to complete.  An "I" may be removed only by the student’s completing the examination and/or the work missed. 

Students receiving an "I" during the Fall semester have until end of the sixth week of class of the following Spring semester to complete the missed assignments and/or examination. Students who receive an "I" for the Spring semester or the Summer term have until the end of the sixth week of class of the following Fall semester to complete the missed assignments and/or examination.  The "I" grade will be changed to an "F" when the missed assignments and/or examination are not completed in the prescribed time allotted by this policy.


            To evaluate the academic standing of students, the College calculates each student's quality-point average (QPA) or grade-point average (GPA) by assigning quality (or grade) points to grades according to the following system: A = 4 quality points; B = 3 quality points; C = 2 quality points; D = 1 quality point; F = 0 quality points.  For academic honors and continued residency, the quality point average (QPA) or grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total quality points earned by the total hours attempted.  For graduation purposes, only those hours that count toward graduation are calculated to determine eligibility for an award.