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Gadsden State Community College

Faculty & Staff

Business Office


Realtime Reporting Machine Rental - $75.00 or $150.00- See Realtime Reporting Advisor (256-549-8694). The Realtime Reporting program is located in the Realtime Reporting Building on the East Broad Campus.

Decal Replacement fee - $10.00 See Parking Regulations.

Diploma Fee - $10.00 charge posted by Business Office- See Jennifer Williams (256-549-8261) at the Admissions Office located in One Stop Center East Broad Campus.

International Insurance - See Carol Gray (256-549-8438) in the International Office located in Naylor Hall.

Library Fines - See Library Staff (256) 549-8333 at the Library located in the Meadows Learning Resource Center or Pierce C. Cain Learning Resource Center at (256) 835-5436.

Meal Tickets - All residence hall students must purchase a semester meal ticket for $900.90.  See Business Office Staff (256) 549-8215.   

Nursing Liability Insurance - $15.00 - See Pam Mayo (256-549-8257) in Helderman Hall.

Nursing Tests - See Pam Mayo (256-549-8257) in Helderman Hall.

Student Accident Insurance - $10.00 per semester or summer term, which is due at the time of registration and which is not subject to refund  (for more information, refer to the current student hand book).

Student Id Card - $5.00 for remakes

Placement Retest - $8.00 – See Lori Varner (256-549-8497) for the test dates and times at the Testing Center located in One Stop Center East Broad Campus.

Traffic Fines - See Parking Regulations.