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(Effective – 1 August 2008)

The Gadsden State Community College (GSCC) Residence Hall (Fowler Hall) is located on the Wallace Drive Campus and features semi-private suites with baths.  For information about living on campus, contact Residence Hall Director at (256) 549-8369.

Prospective students must have applied for admissions to GSCC.  All residents must be full-time students (minimum of 12 credit hours in regular semester or 6 in summer mini-terms) or cleared by the Residence Hall Director.  A “Residence Hall Application” and a deposit of $200 are required in order to be placed on a waiting list for a room.  The student will be notified when a room is available.  At this time the student must pay the dorm fees as listed below.  After all fees have been paid, the student is then guaranteed a room for the current or following semester.  Rooms are assigned on a first-paid, first-served basis.  A receipt of payment in full should be presented to the residence hall staff to guarantee a room assignment.  Every effort will be made to comply with a suitemate request; however, the College reserves the right to assign the applicant to available space. NOTE: A processing fee of $25.00 will be withheld from the Residence Hall deposit refund if the student fails to move into the residence hall by the date indicated on the application. Remember, a room is not guaranteed until the dorm fee is paid in full.  Waiting until the last minute to pay the full dorm fee may result in the student not getting a room.

The room and board fee pays for a room plus 15 meals per week in the Wallace Drive Campus Cafeteria while classes are in session.  Also included in the room and board fee is free cablevision service (must bring own television) and free local telephone service (must provide own telephone and long distance carrier). Cable Internet is also available at an additional cost to the student.


All fees must be paid before students will be permitted to move into their room.  The fees listed below are based on double occupancy and are subject to the GSCC refund policy.  See Refunds.






SUM 1 – 20 Days

(No meals) 


SUM II – 5 Weeks


SUM III – 5 Weeks













When a student moves out of the Residence Hall, he/she should apply for a “Dorm Deposit Refund.” Any tuition, fees, fines, or penalties that are due on the student's account will be deducted from the deposit refund.  If the student does not owe a balance, the entire deposit will be refunded, with the exceptions noted below.  The student must return the room key and leave the room in satisfactory condition (free of damage).  However, (a) if the room needs cleaning, $50.00 of the deposit will be withheld; (b) if the room needs painting, $50.00 will be withheld; (c) if the key is not returned, $40.00 will be withheld.  In addition, the student will be charged (d) $10.00 per night if the student fails to vacate the room by the stated time (24 hours after the last day of finals); (e) $10.00 per night if the student fails to remove personal belongings from the room by the stated time; and (f) $50.00 if a College official must remove the student's personal belongings from the room.  The College will attempt to notify the student if any personal belongings are left in the room.  Personal belongings left at the College for ninety days are abandoned and considered property of the College.  If the amount owed by the student exceeds $200.00, the student will be responsible for paying the balance due. 

If the student moves out of the Residence Hall but fails to request a refund of the deposit, the College will automatically refund the amount due to the student by the end of the following semester or summer term.

NOTE:  Refund checks will be mailed to the address on record in the Registrar's Office.  The dates on which refund checks are scheduled to be mailed are published in each current semester class schedule.

During semester breaks and or extended holidays, the Dorm will still be available for students to stay.  However, during these additional periods between semesters, there will be an $10.00 per night charge.  No meals will be included.  The charge for breaks and holidays must be paid in advance.  Housing is NOT guaranteed during breaks and extended holidays.

Guests who stays in Fowler Hall are expected to pay $10 per night per person.  Guests 16 years of age and younger are not allowed to remain over night.  Guests of the opposite sex are not allowed to remain over night. Dorm residents who want an overnight guest to stay with them must first get permission from the RHD and pay for the night(s) in advance.  The receipt must be presented to the Residence Hall staff prior to the stay.  The guest must provide a copy of a pictured identification card to the Residence Hall staff.  Other guest of the College may stay in the dorm after they have permission from the RHD and have paid the $10.00 nightly fee.