Gadsden State Identity Guide

Logo usage

The Gadsden State Community College logo is the graphic representation of the institution and the key element in the college’s visual identity. In order to maintain consistency of image and branding, the logo must not be redrawn, reproportioned or modified in any way. The creation and use of alternative logos is strictly prohibited.

Gadsden State's colors are Red, Black & Silver

Color Red Black Silver
Pantone PMS 200    
CMYK C 15, M 100, Y 90, K 10  K 100 K 50
Hexcode  #BA122B #000000 #A7A2A9



Logo Elements

There are two elements to the logo: the logomark – G and the logotype – GADSDEN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. The logomark (G) may be used alone as a design element but is not considered the Gadsden State logo unless the logotype (GADSDEN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE) appears with it.

Choosing a file format:

  • EPS and SVG files are vector-based, meaning they can be enlarged to any size without losing quality.
  • PNG files are raster-based. They can be used in a variety of programs but cannot be enlarged beyond their original size without loss of image quality.

Download Vector files of the Gadsden State logo HERE (EPS & SVG, spot and 4-color)

Consistent and correct use of the Gadsden State logo enhances and supports the overall branding of the college. The following standards should be followed at all times concerning use of the Gadsden State logo.

Use the logo emblem and logotype as a single unit. It should not be redrawn, digitally manipulated or altered.

• Stretch, rotate or distort the logo.
• Use any artistic filters on the logo, such as a drop shadow.
• Use the logo in any color other than Pantone 200 (red), black or white.

Logo Colors and Typefaces

If the logo is to be used in color, the logomark (G) is to be in PANTONE #200 red, the logotype (GADSDEN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE) is to be in black. All elements of the logo may appear in black when printing is limited to black only. All elements of the logo may be reversed in white against a black or colored background.

The official typeface of the logotype, GADSDEN STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, is Felix Titling. No other type style should be substituted; neither should the spacing or kerning be changed without permission from the Gadsden State PR & Marketing Department.

College Name

"Gadsden State Community College" should be used as the official title in all promotional materials. The name should be treated grammatically as a single unit. "Gadsden State Community College is..." Also acceptable after initial use: Gadsden State or GSCC.


Gadsden State Community College are the Cardinals. Our mascot's name is Swoop.

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