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TAKE 5 with Phillip Franklin

Manufacturing Month Standout Student Phillip Franklin

Why did you choose Gadsden State?

I chose to attend Gadsden State because I know several people who have gone through the Mechanical Design Program and have spoken very highly about it.

What’s your motivation for being successful in your program of study?

Our instructors are amazing. My advisor, Mr. James Wilson, goes above and beyond to help me and my peers accomplish our goals.

Is there a particular person who has a major influence in your life to get you to where you are today?

I am a husband to an amazing and supportive wife, and I’m a father to three wonderful children. Working, having a family and being enrolled full time in school can be a lot to maintain, but, from an incredibly early age, my father instilled a solid work ethic in me. He has helped shape me into the person I am today.

What have you learned from your Gadsden State instructors?

My instructors have shown me that it does not matter your age or background, you can absolutely learn and excel in anything – as long as you have the correct guidance.

What are your plans as a professional?

I currently work full time in the manufacturing industry at Webb-Stiles of Alabama. I work as an estimator at Webb-Stiles, which is a local company specializing in custom automated material handling systems (conveyors).