Enrollment Advisement

Enrollment advisement is available to assist students transition from an admitted student to an enrolled student. Enrollment specialists assist in finalizing the admissions process, navigate student logins, understand placement requirements and identify the faculty advisor. Once a student is cleared in admissions, a faculty advisor will be assigned to assist students through the journey to graduation.

Faculty Advisement

Faculty advisors are assigned according to program of study. Students should seek faculty advisement before registration opens each semester to plan classes, discuss educational goals and prepare for graduation or transfer. Faculty advisors help students understand course placement, select classes, explore career options and plan a course of study.

Secondary Advisement

Students taking one or more developmental courses will be assigned to a secondary advisor through the Advisement Resource Center. Secondary advisors ensure students know how and where to get academic support for continued success.

Advisors can assist students with understanding course placement:

  • Placement is required prior to registration in certain courses such as Math and English.
  • Placement is determined using students’ evaluated high school transcript, appropriate ACT scores or ACCUPLACER Placement Test results.
  • All scores must be no more than five years old.
  • The ACCUPLACER may be taken and used for placement if high school transcripts/ACT scores are not sufficient or older than five years.
  • ACCUPLACER is given by appointment only and may be scheduled here

Be sure to set up an advising appointment by email or phone. Drop-in advisement cannot be guaranteed. 

To look up your faculty advisor assignment:

  • Login to OneACCS
  • Click Student > Student Records > View Student Information
  • Locate Advisor name on this screen
  • Use the A-Z Directory on to look up contact information

If you do not have an assigned advisor or need to request a change, use the list below to contact the appropriate department:

  • General Studies | 256.549.8255 |
  • Business & Legal Studies | 256.549.8250 |
  • Language & Humanities | 256.549.8278 |
  • Computer Science | 256.549.8250 |
  • Math & Engineering | 256.549.8322 |
  • Fine Arts | 256.549.8325 |
  • Science | 256.549.8280 |
  • Health Science Programs | 256.549.8320 |
  • Nursing | 256-549-8320 |
  • Social Science | 256.549.8330 |
  • Health, PE & Recreation | 256.549.8310 |
  • Technical Programs | 256.549.8643/Gadsden |
    • 256-832-1221/Ayers (Anniston) |