The Financial Aid Office has a number of staff members conveniently located on three campuses to assist students applying for federal grant programs, loans and scholarships.

Meet the Financial Aid Staff

Kelly D'Eath
Financial Aid Director
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8266

Charlotte Goggins
Financial Aid Supervisor
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8268

Diana Williams
Administrative Assistant
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8284

Jordyn Berrong
Financial Aid
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8269

Susan Smith
Veterans Affairs/WIOA/TRA/FWS
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8207

Cathy Hicks
Scholarship Manager
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8203

Linda Hollingsworth
Financial Aid
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8232

Princess King
Financial Aid Manager
One Stop Center & Ayers Campus
(256) 549-8264

Diana Teague
Financial Aid
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8267

Kaley Tidmore
Veterans Affairs/WIOA/TRA/Financial Aid
Ayers Campus & Cherokee Center
(256) 835-5467

Donnette Reeves
Financial Aid
One Stop Center
(256) 549-8428